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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Painting - British Army, DPM

This is my attempt at the difficult part of a cold war British Army, painting figures in British Army DPM uniforms, I spent some time working a plan to put them all in NBC suits to avoid the issue but eventually bit the bullet.  To my mind the colour pallet is a key component, the Green in DPM is very bright and yellow whilst the beige elements tend to have a strong ochre tone.

For the Uniform the base colour I have used is Vallejo Sand Yellow 70916, buff is a reasonable alternative. For the Green I have used either Vallejo Green, 967 or Golden Olive 857 or a mix, brown is Vallejo Mahogany Sand 846, and as they say black is black. 

For the equipment the webbing is field grey higlighted with green grey, packs and respirator cases are reflective green, the helmet is bronze green, with scrim in english uniform, russian uniform and dessert yellow, facial cam is german cam black brown.


The process for generating the pattern is fairly straight forward first paint the figure in the base colour for the uniform which is sand yellow or buff. Then add the brown using a swirl pattern and introduce some forked ends.

Then paint the green with some overlap over the brown and ensuring that some areas of the base colour continue to show through.


All the equipment should be blocked in before giving the whole figure a liberal wash with badab black.  The various colours can then be highlighted if requiered using the original pallet.


Finally I add the black Ys and Hs that complete the effect.

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