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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Review - Model 1/72, S&S FV103 CVR(T) Spartan

Spartan front view showing stowage options, note different colours of hatch spall liners and webbing stowed in front of driver.
I have long been a fan of S&S models resin kits and a have a fairly large number of different types in my modern collection, Shaun makes a vast number of modern vehicles and should always be considered as an option on any kit.

The subject of this review is his CVRT Spartan, one of my favourite vehicles probably because of a degree of familiarity.

The Kit is a three part piece cast in white resin with separate tracks.  It is instantly recognisable as a Spartan with an excellent hull shape and inclusive of many of the vehicles key recognition features.  Whilst the engine lovers are simplistically rendered the hatches, exhaust system and commanders cupola are well represented along with the rear bins. The casting was clean requiring little to no filling on the body of the vehicle although the one piece cast tracks required a little attention. The tracks fitted cleanly and easily with the application of a suitable quantity of super glue.  Whilst not super detailed the resulting model is robust and an excellent representation of the vehicle which will happily grace any war-games table.

The mesh basket on the rear hull door and the multi barrelled smoke grenade discharger units are missing which provides a good opportunity for improving the model. Stowage options include cam nets, cam poles, ammo boxes, chieftain bins ( now offered as an after market product by BW models), radio antennas and the commanders GPMG. which of course needs the butt removing.

Spartan showing hessian and cam nets rolled on upper hull

The vehicle was used extensively throughout the armoured and mechanised battle group in the 1980's and was the basis of a wide variety of specialist variants.  Within the Armoured battle group it was used by the Milan platoon to transport the mobile section, initially in the APC then subsequently with the Milan Compact Turret, it also provided the transport for the platoon commander.  It was used by Engineer Recce and Engineer Troop Commanders and Staff Sergeants.  The mortar platoon used it as the transport for MFC's and the platoon commander.  The Samaritan and Sampson ambulance and recovery variants were found within support company.  In battle groups based on armoured regiments the Sultan command vehicle was used in BGHQ.

Spartan with added hessian rolls cam nets antenna and ammo boxes, commander by SHQ, decals by TL Modelblau

Spartan with scratch built milan compact turret

An excellent little vehicle filling a gap in the market.

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