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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wargames Unit - Soviet VDV Regiment

The unit consists of 3 Airborne Battalions, a Regimental HQ, Recce Company, Air Defence Company and Heavy Mortar Company.  It is reinforced by support elements from its parent Division Including Artillery, Self propelled guns and Air Defence and is built around a Rapid Fire style orbit with a vehicle scale of 1:3.  I originally built the unit for Red Tide 2010, the first of two "Big Games" sponsored by the Guild, one of the webs better wargames forums.  

Reinforced Soviet Airborne Regiment for Rapid Fire

The First Battalion is Armoured and equipped with BMDs. It has an HQ consisting of an AGS 17, Commander Radio Op SA 9 and Sniper.  3 Companies of 6 Figures,  each having an RPG, Commander, LMG and 3 Riflemen.
1st Battalion; Figures and vehicles by Liberation Miniatures

The other two battalions in the light role field additional Anti Tank platoon.  The AT platoon has a Gaz 66, two AT-4 and an SPG 9. In addition the each battalion has a UAZ 469 for the HQ

2nd Battalion;  Gaz 66 from S&S, remaining figures and vehicles Liberation Miniatures

3rd Battalion
RHQ; S&S Gaz 66 Box body, SHQ and Britannia HQ Stand Figures, RPG and Rifleman Liberation Miniatures

Recce Coy; BRDM2 S&S, remainder Liberation Miniatures
AT Company; ACE with Liberation Commanders and Goffy/Blackdog stowage.
AD Company; ACE BMD, Military Wheels ZU 23 - 2, Crew and Infantry Liberation Miniatures, stowage Goffy/Blackdog

Heavy Mortar Company; Gaz 66 S&S, Mortars SHQ, Figures Liberation Miniatures

ASU 85 Company; ARMO, Liberation Commander and Goffy/Blackdog Stowage, S&S now do a cheaper version of this vehicle
Divisional Artillery Elements; Gaz 66 S&S, BMD Ace, D30 Military Wheels, M 1975 MRL and Figures Liberation Miniatures

Element of Divisional Air Defence battalion; BRDM 2 SA 9 S&S. 

The unit like most of the Soviet units is highly flexible in where and when it can be employed, with minor adjustments it can be used from the early 70's through to the early 90's. It can participate in historical Afghanistan scenarios or fictitious events that are plausible on the Northern, Central or Southern Fronts or in the Middle East and Africa.  The Gaz 66 trucks, UAZ 469 and BRDMs can also be used to supplement African armies and Middle Eastern Armies. Those vehicle elements that can be re used in a number of armies have minimal markings and as such are generic.


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  1. Hi Nice army. My club and I just starting working on a Cold wars game useing Puttin. As he gets more of Erope till a Real US Pres comes in to say no more. Anyhow it will be used as a starting piont for Twilight 2000 game but will take place in 2033 after years of war. Hey I see you like Travler are you making any miniature forces for that? Im useings lots of things Dust tatics and Hammers Slammers and 28mm GZG they are Great for that. Working on a Solomie that are still like 2300 worlds faces Vs. Imp. Germans new Hitler,France New Napoleon England and New Richard US and New Patton and NEW CSA and new Japan China and few others. Under a New Earth Imp. Bringing all these others to Fight the Imp. Anyhow cool Blog. I have a Terminiator Blog at Wordpress my self. Take care. God Bless . Grey in Va. USA