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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Figures - Elhiem 20mm, Morten Reese's Danish Infantry

Elhiem figures recent generic NATO infantry and German infantry sets lend themselves well to a number of other Nations, Morten Reese who posts on the guild as Reese has been doing some stirling work on a Danish force which he is building and which I hope to feature here as his collection develops.

The Danish Army during the period of interest wore the M58 combat Uniform in dark Olive green.  This was replaced by  the M/84 camouflaged uniform in 1984, though transition to the new uniform took a number of years to complete.  The US M1 Helmet was standard until 1992, when Kevlar Helmets were introduced for troops deploying abroad.

From the excellent M136 site

The load carrying M45-59 equipment was consistent throughout the period and was not replaced by PLC until 1996 although the ammunition pouches changed as weapons changed and the respirator case was upgraded in 1969.  The title DANMARK and a National flag were worn on the left Arm, and a variety of unit insignia could also be worn.  The Danish Army carried the G3 assault rifle, MG3 and the Carl Gustav at this time.

Morten's first set of figures represent soldiers he will be using for a motorised unit and are therefore wearing the older M58 Uniform.  In keeping with imagery of Danish Soldiers deployed on exercise Morten has added "grass" to the helmets using plumbers hemp and white glue.  The figures are painted using Vallejo colours as follows:
  • Undercoat (webbing/Uniform): Yellow Olive
  • Uniform, Base Russian Uniform, highlighted with a mix of Russian Uniform and Khaki
  • Webbing, Green Gray, highlighted with Green Gray and White
An excellent job by Morten who has provided the images of the figures and much of the background information.  Morten regularly posts on the Guild where I first saw his work. 


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  1. Lovely looking painting and poses.

  2. Now don't start encouraging him - I've still to get their opponents underway!

  3. Those look incredible! Love the blog by the way.