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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Review - Web Resources, War for Slow Readers

War for slow readers, wargaming an alternate timeline to the war in Angola 1975 - 89, is a cold war blog focusing on the Angolan civil war and the interventions by Cuba, South Africa and the Cold War super powers.  Like Hurry up And Wait! the Falklands war blog it tracks through the events of the day and games a number of the engagements and actions.

Its all about the Angolan conflict and little else so is very focused. The narratives introduce you to the region, politics and protagonists engaging the reader with the unfolding story. If I had to be picky, its 5mm short as the bulk of the action takes place with 15mm products but then nothings perfect.  The game action is run on AK 47 and the whole is very relevant with the release of Ambush Alleys Bush Wars supplement for Force on Force and the various figure, book and model releases popping out at the moment.  I am about half way through the back log currently and enjoying the real and imagined political context to the events portrayed.

An interesting historical and war gaming resource with some great period imagery, excellent background material, interesting scenarios and reviews of the war games action. All up  a great blog and a fine Cold War war-games obsession.

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  1. Thanks for the very kind words Andy. It's comments like those above that inspire me to keep writing, modelling and gaming.