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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cold War Games Hobby News - May

There still seems to be a lot going on in the land of Cold War Gaming, so I thought it was worth running the slot again this month.  If there is an emergent theme out there it seems to be that the South African Bush Wars is coming sharply into focus with releases from Ambush Alley Games, 30 Degree South Books and S&S models.



S&S remain at the fore front of the prolific manufacturers in this area releasing a number of models which will appeal to Cold War Gamers. First up is a BMP 1 alternatives for this include, Britania, Liberation and ACE so quite a bit of choice,

next is a BMP2, Liberation do one but with the ACE kit disappearing  S&S is rapidly becoming one of the few option for this vehicle, which is a a major component of any 80s Cold War soviet force

and the last of his Soviet trio is a BMP2d again S&S are rapidly becoming the only source, I also have one of these which will be joining my 2S6s in the early 1990s air defence battalion and will post a review once I have got it done.

The next couple of vehicles will catch the eye of those of you interested in Ambush Alleys Bush Wars this time Shaun has knocked out a South African Casper and a number of derivatives. It would be good to see him release the South African Bufful another much needed bush wars wagon.

The final component of Shauns cold war offering is the OTO Malra 105mm used extensively around the globe throughout the post war period and covered in a more detailed review over at Winter of 79.

Hobby Den

Brian at the Hobbey Den is getting close to releasing shots of the first MMS model, the MTLB and has started a debate on what comes next BMP2 or T64, personally I am in the market for either. In addition rolling along in the shadows is a Saxon yet to be released but in the offing since January.

Brian posted this shot today (14 May 2012) on the Guild of his new MTLB, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share, it looks pretty good to me!

Sowa Models

Sowa Models is a new company setting out to produce 1/72 scale Russian models some of which may be of use to the Cold War Gamer, they are announcing five models for release but have yet to say what they are the first a Panisir-S1 is a little late for our period unless your what offing the what if. One to keep an eye on for the moment


I recently exchanged emails with Alex Blashchuk of ACE models regarding the dwindling stocks of a number of his modern kits in the UK market notably the BMP 2d, BMP2, T72 AV, T72B and BRDM2 all of which are now out of production and there is some good news as he has an intent to do a second run of the BMP2d at a date possibly later this year but currently no plans for any of the others which is more than a little sad.

He also informed me that he would be doing another run on the BMD 1/2, Nona and BTR-D later this year, so some more good news if your into VDV and have not built a whole regiment already.


Military Wheels

Last month Military wheels released the 2S4A5 Sprut, probably the coolest looking anti tank gun on the planet.  I am currently making 4 and will probably post a review in detail next month. An exciting addition to the range of late Cold War models


MJ Figures

MJ Figures have kicked off a range of British Falklands war figures which will be equally at home on the central or Northern Fronts, perhaps with the addition of the odd respirator case, great reviews on Dougies site and the Winter of 79 Blog spot.

Wartime Miniatures

Wartime Miniatures have released images of a forthcoming set of Australians for their Vietnam War  range of figures. Currently these are a work in progress but shaping up very nicely.  I think these will be a serious consideration for my Cold War Canadians with a few M1 Helmet Head swaps and some sleeves rolled down they will also do nicely for the South African Bush War.  The Wartime range is carried by Elhiem Figures in the UK and Mathew tells me the figures will be released around the back end of June at the latest.



Osprey on their Blog announced the re release of the three battle for the Falklands titles as part of the commemoration of that campaign.

and released this month is Ambush Alleys latest Force on Force Supplement Bush Wars now available as a book or PDF,  perhaps its time to start dusting off the South African Border War project.

30 Degree South

30 Degree South who publish a range of books mostly about south africa have a new two volume History of 32 Battalion on the Publishing list which is exciting of itself.

The slightly more News worthy  item is that the intend to republish Steenkamp's the Border War, this book is on the must have list for anyone interested in this conflict and second hand copies have been going for around £275 in the last couple of years. Truly great news.

Cold War Gamer's Books

I have set up a web store for all the books I use, all the titles in it I own and consider to be useful for anyone pursuing an interest in the period.  Hope fully it will save you time finding the various reference sources that are of use for ground wargaming the cold war.

Cold War Gamer's Books


Bison Decals

Bison have some 1/72 1967 6 day war decal sets in the offing reported over on the Armorama site


Over on the Missing Lynx - Braille Scale Forum Sven-Åke Grufstedt is offering a downloadable Painting guide sometime later this month.

This guide is now available (14 May 2012) from this location, I have had a quick skim through and it looks fairly handy, enjoy:)

also worth a look on the same forum is Steve Shrimptons Finish T-72M1 awesome piece of modelling

And Finally!

A taste of things to come on the work bench this month are:

  • 4 Military wheels 2S4 Spruts, pretty much closing out on the Divisional Anti Tank Regiment.
  • 4 S&S BRDM 2's two of which are being converted to Rkh variants
  • 1 S&S GSP Ferry
  • 1 S&S BMP 2d
  • 1 S&S Centurion AVRE, 1 FV432 RE Field Section and a CVRT
  • And on the Painting Tray: FV432 Mortars, a Cheiftain, a CET, a T55 bridge layer, T-72BVs, Elhiem British in NBC
All up another busy month, thanks for continuing to read the blog, the regular readership is now hitting about 800 people a month so hopefully the stuff I am wrighting will continue to be of interest. It's always good to know that your not alone in your obsession.

If you have any cold wargaming product news that you would like to share drop me a line at coldwargamer@gmail.com


  1. You may find using Liberation's Cold War Israelis can work for Cold War Canadians. That or their rumored Argentinians.
    I look forward to seeing those Canucks!

    1. Good point, I think those liberation Argentinians got reviewed on the winter of 79 site last month, I am chasing down images and Orbat data at the moment which is going all right.

    2. Great blog look forward to every post!