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Friday, 27 April 2012

Terrain - Camouflaged Hides

I made these a while ago, the idea is to represent a camouflaged vehicle or unit such that the enemy understands there is something there but not what it is, equally useful for deception, so a not quite hidden unit marker.

Built from CD bases and bits of kit sprue draped in open weave non elasticated bandage soaked in water and white glue then covered in tea leaves, The Tea leaves bit didn't work very well.

Nets are bronze green highlighted with Russian uniform and Desert Yellow, with loads of scatter material and some foliage dumped on top of them.

At the very least they are something a bit different I'll probably use them to represent the location of an unidentified sub unit of unpo Company or Squadron strength

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  1. Hi Andy, You have no idea how current your camouflage netting idea is. I have 3 x 105mm light guns for my Falklands campaign which are at the moment at the mercy of the Fuerza Aerea Argentina. I was looking for some netting to stiffen with PVA and glue with patches of Oregano. However your idea of bandage is brilliant! I am off to Boots the Chemist for the necessary. Thanks a million mate! Aye Rusty

    1. Glad to be of Service, I am going to have a bash at those explosive effects you put up the other week

  2. Great idea for some lovely scenery. Consider it nicked.

  3. I was not sure how these would run when I initially did them, they look a lot better finished than in construction

  4. I really like this. With a lot of the tech dominance staring to wither away this is so much more relevant in ultra modern now as well. Great work.