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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cold War Games Hobby News - April 2012

There seems to be quite a lot going on this month with a number of the suppliers of cold war wargaming hobby related products so I thought I'd provide a quick round up of what I'd picked up over the first part of this month. This news slot will be running every couple of months or so. If you're a manufacturer in the Hobby with products relevant to any components of the Cold War and want to let people know what you're up to drop me a line at coldwargamer@gmail.com


As might be expected with the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War Osprey are releasing a new title available for Pre Order next month for £14.95 on the Falklands War. The Book Falklands War 1982, Ground operations in the South Atlantic aims to cover, the origins, forces engaged and conduct of the campaign, more detail is available from their web site.

Osprey are also releasing the next title in the Force on Force series from Ambush Alley Games, this time the focus is on Bush Wars in Africa, this becomes available next month for Pre Order. The title covers the many proxy conflicts of the cold war period that occurred in Africa, and should prove a useful addition to, the force on force stable of publications with these titles providing relevant historical, Orbat and scenario information for specific conflicts along with additional rules and cards.


Staying with the Falklands theme for a few minutes if you have not visited the "Hurry up and Wait" blog spot of Rusty Nail your missing an Historical and gaming treat of the first order. As the story of the crisis is retold and replayed in miniature on a day by day basis, a true labour of love and a terrific tribute to those that served. Well worth following as the various aspects of the conflict role out inspirational stuff on a blog with a large amount of focus.

The Hobby Den.

Brian at the Hobey Den has just announced he is taking over the MMS modern Range, which will augment his existing range but with a major emphasis on Cold War and in particular Soviet equipment. The kits will be produced in resin and White metal and the first release of an MTLB is expected towards the end of this month.

Over the coming months the intent is to expand the range to cover; BTR 60, BMP 2, BRDM2, 2S1, T 64, MTLBU, 2S9 and BMD, so some good Soviet staples along with a few items where there are only a limited number of existing suppliers, the BTR 60 looks especially tempting for those fed up with wrestling with the ICM kit of Doom and one I have my eye on for command vehicles for Air Defence, Artillery Command Observation Posts and transport for Engineers.

Elhiem Figures

Matt at Elhiem Figures has been busily sculpting and casting over the last few months and has recently announced a number of additions to his growing Cold War Range which should become available shortly after the end of the Easter holiday period. The range is focused on providing the figures to enable gamers to play all the scenarios in Ambush Alleys various titles which includes the Cold War Hot title and hence his expanding range of Cold War Soviets.

The Soviet expansion starts to fill in the Soviets in Cam uniforms, VDV in Afghanistan, and the range of Soviets with body armour (Pictures Updated 16 Apr 2012).

On the British front Matt has added a pack in NBC black which will fit in well with his existing Soviets in NBC gear, a great addition to the range and one for which I have a number of ideas (Picture Updated 18 Apr 2012).

Hopefully the announcement that Ambush Alley's Bush Wars will release in the next month or so will see some African Bush Wars figures popping on to the scene as well.

S&S models

Shaun announced a while back that he would be spending more time on the range. He has certainly been busy and has a number of new releases and updated models in the pipe line. The major new release is a GSP Ferry which I am looking forward to getting a copy of as it rounds out my assault river crossing capability. Although Shaun says he currently has no plans to make the road version he still has in his back Catalogue the wonderful PTS model, a couple of which I currently use to mark the progress of the ferries as they move across the board.

Also becoming available sometime over the next month will be the Soviet T80B and BV, filling in the gap left by the disappearance of the somewhat legendary Revel T80BV kit. The ferry will retail for around £18 and the T80s for about £11.50 which as with all the S&S range includes P&P.

Cpl Overby Models

Ken Overby is back from an extended break abroad and Cpl Overby models are once again available. So if your after anything from his range you can reach him at cpl_overby@yahoo.com.  If your unfamiliar with the range check out his page on Cpl Overby's Motorpool on Henk of Holland, the main Cold War interest being Israeli M50 and M51 HV Shermans

And Finally

A big thank you to all of you who take the time to view and comment on my musings which I hope are interesting, useful and mostly accurate. If you have any suggestions on how the blog can improve, anything you'd like to see or a desire to chew the fat feel free to drop me a line at coldwargamer@gmail.com.

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