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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wargames Unit - Soviet MRR, Air Defence Battery

The regimental air defence battery in the early 1980s consisted of 4 ZSU 23-4 and 4 SA 9 Gaskin, together with some command and supply vehicles.  At 1:3 this is represented by 1 ZSU 23-4 and 1 SA 9.

The ZSU 23-4 is the S&S version, a resin kit with white metal guns and radar. One of my favorite S&S kits and a great representation of the real thing.

The second vehicle in the battery is also from S&S and is the SA9 Gaskin which was used by BMP, BTR and tank units. It was replaced in BMP and Tank units in GSFG by the SA13 Gopher from 1980 having come into service around 1978. 

The open window visors on the SA 9s are made from thin plasti-card superglued in place.  The S&S  SA9 uses the standard BRDM 2 hull that shaun makes and an SA9 launcher which is produced in white metal.

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