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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wargames Unit - Soviet MRR Regimental Artillery Group

The Soviet Artillery Battalion in a Motor Rifle Regiment by the mid 80s consisted of 3 x 6 Gun Batteries and a number of command and observation post vehicles as well as supply vehicles.  For the 2010 big game we represented this battalion as being understrength using a vehicle scale of 1:3 it became 2 x 2 Gun batteries. To which I added a couple of Command and observation post vehicles. I have of late taken to giving each battery a supply truck as well but failed to include them in these photos.

The 2S1s are all by S&S and the BRDM 2Us are by ace stowage is Goffy and crews by liberation miniatures.

The vehicles are based for Northwest Europe or Africa and can be used easily for games on the Central Front, Afghanistan and Africa, The vehicles entered service in 1974 and are still in use today.

In addition to the 2 batteries of 2S1s I can also field a battery of 2 BM21, from the divisional MRL battalion, the concept of any grouping being that it can be reinforced to meet the mission needs. 

With the MRL battery I currently use a PRP 3 as the observation unit, this would exist in each regiment and in the divisional artillery Recce battery in very low quantities so it is a bit of an ad lib, but a nice looking wagon and unusual subject.  It entered service in the 70s and was equipped with radar, night viewing devices and a mortar for firing illuminants, it was also known as BMP-SON.

The PRP 3 is an ACE model and is lightly stowed in line with the BMP 2 fleet, the BM 21s are by ICM and are a very nice model, though not completely straight forward to assemble. 

The last shot is of a composite, tank regiment from the 2011 Guild big game, reinforced by elements of the divisional recce.  It has it's RAG located behind the central group of tank companies and the regimental HQ. The vehicles are drawn from the collections of a number of Guild members, including Hincmar, Rutger, John Green and Myself.


  1. You do a few shots of that PRP3? I build thirty fifth scale and need a base to scratch build one from.

    1. can do drop me an email to coldwargamer@gmail.com, I'll see if I still have the plans