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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wargames Unit - Soviet early 80's MRB

This post describes how I represent Soviet the early 80's Motor Rifle Battalions in my MRR  the unit is based on the Guild Red Tide 2010 Orbats produced by Piers Brand. I am currently working a series of Posts to describe the Motor Rifle and Tank Regiments deployed over the 1980s and will be revising this unit when I have finished the research, It represents a unit deployed on the central front either as part of the CSFG or held within the Soviet Military districts of the Western TVD.

It represents a BMP 2 equipped Motor Rifle Regiment supported by a Company of 12 T-72 and an artillery Command and Observation Post which would come with the associated battery or battalion of guns. The T-72s are the Revel version which based on reading to date represents a T-72 A, The BMP 2s are ACE and are reviewed in detail here,  The MTLB and BRDM 2Us are also from ACE.

The AGS -17 is grouped with the Battalion HQ along with a sniper, commander radio operator and SA 7 operator. The rifle companies currently include 1 RPG, 1 LMG/GPMG, 1 Commander and 6 Riflemen. All the figures are Liberation Miniatures.


ORBAT - 1980's Soviet MRR and TRR, Part 1 Deployment and ORBAT
TTP - Soviet Forward Detachment as a Covering Force
Wargames Unite - Soviet Early 80's MRB


  1. I found your blog a few weeks ago and have really picked up the bug again.
    I have to say I love the way you've done your orbatts.
    i've been doing my orbatts 1 to 1 in company strengths 10 tanks/BMP's representing a company the way your doing it makes much more sense and where before I had a long slog ahead of me I now have spares vehicles and kits which I don't need
    and have just ordered a load of ICM kits to start on new units.
    Keep up the good work your blog is very inspiring.

    1. Thanks for saying so and I am glad you find it useful, Throw nothing away though, this is very much an early 80s organisation and I am currently working Orbats for late 80s units which have around 7 BMPs. 1:1 in Company Strength does sound challenging. The Upside of these Orbats is the board doesnt get clogged with APCs, there are downsides around the representation of march security elements and the lack of missiles.