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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review - Books, The British Army In Germany an organisational History 1947 - 2004

This book provides the reader with an excellent reference to the evolution of the British Army of the Rhine and its successor organisations.  The sections of the book take us through the major periods of change, articulating the impact of the change before detailing the ORBAT. The evolution of the divisional structure and the introduction of new equipment is covered in the descriptive components along with the ongoing reduction in size of the British Army.  ORBAT detail is provided down to the level of major units (Battalions/ Regiments) and independent subunits. This includes unit titles and when they were rotated.  The sections cover:

  • 1946 - 1950, 
  • 1950 - 1960, 
  • 1970s, 
  • 1980s to the end,
  • Reinforcements, 
  • Berlin 1948 - 1994
  • Exit BAOR.
This book does not provide detailed organisational information for the unit either infantry battalions or cavalry regiments but that is available in plentiful supply else where. Instead it provides the information on what units were in what formations at what time and what they were broadly equipped with and where they were based. This I feel provides invaluable context and allows realistic construction of forces to be created within the historical framework of what was available, a truly useful and illuminating reference for anyone interested in the British Army in Germany during the Cold War.

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