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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Review - Figures 20mm, Elhiem Cold War Soviets in NBC

Matt has had this range out for a few years now to represent Soviet style infantry in chemical warfare protective equipment. In general they represent Soviet troops in the L-1 suit issued to chemical reconnaissance units and crew members

L1 Suit
although the RPG gunner in his long coat clearly represents an unfastened OP 1 combined arms suite that was on general issue to the infantry.

OP 1 Suit worn unfastened

Whilst the L1 suite was a trousers jacket combination the OP1 could be worn long or fastened around the legs so either can be represented using the figures. I am going to use colour to distinguish mine putting the Recce in the blue green suite and the infantry in the brown colour. The range is modelled without helmets, wearing the GP5 gas mask produced in the 70s and 80s, a number of other masks could have been modelled.

The figures carry the usual range of soviet small arms including RPGs and light machine guns. In addition the range includes one figure carrying a chemical detector, one with a pistol and one with a sniper rifle. These will be very useful for the Chemical Recce unit I have planned. The figures are nicely proportioned and posed with excellent weapon detail, they were cleanly cast with little flash and required minimal cleaning. They come in packs of:
  • 3 LMGs;
  • 3 AK/AKM;
  • Pistol and RPG;
  • Sniper rifle and chemical detector.

I have painted mine up as general infantry as I have yet to build my BRDM2 Rkh for the chemical defence company, this will be a project coming up in the next month or so. I purchased sufficient to put a battalion out in NBC equipment. Matt has just released some British in NBC black, so increasing the scope for playing out Armageddon, exploring the issues presented by chemical weapons on the battle field.

The figures were painted in Vajello English Uniform, washed with devlin mud then highlighted with the base tone and a high tone of English Uniform and Buff. The respirators are buff with black grey eye pieces. The canisters should probably be Russian Uniform and the respirators could also be painted black.

Overall the figures provide a good representation of Sovit style troops in NBC equipment and could be used to represent a range of Soviet, Warsaw pact and client states, alternatively they would be fairly useful for Sci Fi and other near future scenarios and games.  Great figures!


Inside The Soviet Army Today, Osprey - Plate L

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  1. I agree great figs. I am going to use them in my own Latin American games for the either the rebel or the national forces. I only wish that they could be released in one large set or that the range is expanded.

    we need more NBC stuff