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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review - Web Resources, Armoured Acorn Site

The Armoured Acorn site is a very popular Cold War and WW2 information source. It has two main areas of interest for me the Soviet Cold War Orbats and the Canadian Cold War vehicle markings.
The Orbats are each done with little pictograms of the vehicles and are an invaluable source of information for Soviet Cold War organisations. They are very coherent with a range of other data sources and Orbats are provided for:
  • 1954,
  • 1961, 1964
  • 1974, 1979
  • 1984, 1989
These dates give excellent coverage of the post war evolution of Soviet formations. In Each date bracket Orbats are generally provided for:
  • Tank Divisions, with subordinate Regiments
  • Motor Rifle Divisions with Subordinate Regiments
  • Airborne Divisions with Subordinate Regiments

On top of covering the key evolutions of Soviet formations throughout the cold war, I think they are just wonderful to look at and a really great way to present Orbat information.

The second reason I visit is the wonderful range of PDFs covering vehicle cameouflage and markings for the Cold War period. These are superb and cover a range of Warsaw Pact and NATO Nations, my main interest here has been the Canadian army which is extensively covered.

Each Vehicle is covered Front back and sides with numerous instances of the same type showing variations in markings and painting schemes. For Cold War Canadians the site includes the schemes used in Canada and Germany for each major vehicle type, these can be found here.

In addition to the Artwork there are several Galleries of photographs again covering Canadian Military vehicles. This is a superb resource for the war gamer and everyone should visit here at least once a truly visual feast and a source of some otherwise hard to come by information , just what the internet was made for..................... sharing. http://www.armouredacorn.com/.

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