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Friday, 29 June 2012

Review - Models 1/72, Trumpeter M113 A2, M150 Conversion

The M113 was used by the Canadians as their primary APC for 4 CMBG, the A2 started to come into service with Canadian units from 1983 and both variants were used across the roles allocated to the vehicle with no obvious patterns. This included providing the platform for the TOW equipped anti armour defence platoons.  The Canadians adopted the TOW system in the mid to late 70s and used it mounted on the M113,  its not clear from the references if these were actually M150s.

The model like all the other trumpeter kits I have ever made is very straight forward to assemble and contains a wealth of detail both internal and external. The only obvious problem area is the plastic tracks, the joining of the two ends still seems to defeat a reliable approach for achieving an enduring bond. I would also recommend a good study of the photography collection with regard to the particular vehicles being made as there are a number of alternative parts not needed on all vehicles some of which requier holes cutting in the hull.

I used the TOW launcher from the Dragon HMMWV kit which looks sadly to be discontinued as it was one of the cheapest ways to get a decent TOW launcher, given that you had other things to do with the HMMWVs. I used a card stock plastic tube to provide the base of the mount into which the TOW launcher fitted.

Just about every picture of a Canadian M113 I have seen has a road wheel fixed to the trim vane, not sure why but included one here. Of course it was not until I had fixed it that I noticed that in the photos it was half a road wheel. in addition I added some rolled stowage on the front hull top, and a cam net. the crew were provided by some Elhiem Germans with the guns removed and the head of a liberation South African figure

Decals came from a number of sources, the top set are TL Modelblau, The middle set QRF black numbers and the letters are Fantasy print shop Luftwaffe serials.  The things a boy has to do to get a decently marked up set of vehicles.

For Colour and marking guides I have used the excellent Armoured Acorn site, and managed to identify the Call Signs from a number of forum posts by ex Canadian Forces soldiers.  The Anti Tank Platoon was Call Sign 55 with 18 Vehicles in 4 sections of 4 and 2 in the HQ.  55 A-P being the 16 Vehicles in the sections the Call Sign of the Command vehicles being 55.  Morters were 57, Pioneers 58 and the Company HQ 59.

It would appear from the references that some units carried number plates and some did not. The paint scheme uses Vajello Russian Uniform, German Uniform and Black, The Hatch spall liners are in Gunship Green and the Cam Net in Bronze Green.  The TOW Launcher is Olive Drab.  I used this model as a bit of a tester for the Canadians to try out the Cam scheme and get all the decals together. 


  1. cool model. sorry I did not have time to read to full review. I may do so later. your site is most definately the best when it come to info.

  2. I have really been enjoying this blog. Great work.
    I am not familiar with "TL Modelblau" - is this is a good decal source?

  3. Excellent as usual. I've noticed that the M113 is a useful vehicle, I may get some of these Trumpeter kits for my Israelis eventually.

  4. Thanks for the comments, TL Modelblau are a bit pricy but they do some good sets allegedly for 1/87 but they are all good with 20mm. Personally I don't think the scale difference is noticeable. I have used there decals on my Brits and Canadians, yet to use any on the Soviets but have sets, they also do most of the rest of NATO as well as the UN so very useful

  5. The platoon commander's call sign is 55. 59 would be the commander for the combat support company. Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks for the information mate, will update the post

  6. I want to correct my post. The 55 series of call signs was used in Canada only. In Germany we had an 18 TOW platoon. the call signs were:
    79 platoon commander in a lynx
    7 CP M577
    6 three TOW sections
    71, 71A, 71B
    72, 72A, 72B
    73, 73A, 73B
    74,74A, 74B
    75,75A, 75B
    76,76A, 76B

  7. Very nice, I was just looking at these kits on Amazon. Thanks for the great review.

    1. If you need a TOW launcher for a conversion contact Shaun at S&S I am pretty sure he has some in the range, thanks for the comment.