Welcome to Cold War Gamer, a blog I am using to record my Cold War wargaming projects. These range from fictitious Cold War hot projects to historical conflicts that took place around the globe throughout the Cold War era, all modelled and gamed in 20mm. The blog includes links to various resources useful to the Cold War Gamer.

My current projects include: Central Front; British & Soviet. South African Border War; Angolans and South Africans. Soviet Afghan War; Soviets and Afghans

Terrain and Modelling

These pages provide an overview of and a set of links to the principal resources of the blog.  These resources can also be accessed from the tag menu but that will provide a less structured view of the available information on the blog.  Where there is no link to the item it is still a work in progress and will be posted at some time in the future.


The Terrain and Modelling posts cover oddly enough the construction of Terrain items and modelling topics such as conversions and scratch building. In general this outlines how to do it from the ground up and generally will cover painting and the finished articles.  Construction of kits from the box are generally covered by kit reviews.


Terrain - Modern Supermarket
Terrain - Making It Modern



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