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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Review - Web Resources, Soviet Armed Forces 1945 - 1991

The Web site, Soviet Armed Forces 1945 - 1991 offers a view of the Soviet Armed Forces from 1945 to 1991 for a range of Soviet Armed Forces.  Under each of the force areas it organises its data to look at the various sub components and provide an overview of the source material used, most of this would appear to be Russian.  The principal areas of the armed forces covered are:
So under Air Force it lists all the Soviet Air Armies and under each lists the units under command and their locations.  Likewise for the Army it lists the Armies although organisational information is not currently available for all, it is for a majority. The information is organised from a number of perspectives  and the site provides a number of ways to traverse the data and find the information being sought. Views are provided for each of the principal arms of service so you can also review by Tank Divisions, Motor Rifle Division, Fortified Areas orArtillery Divisions amongst others or you can drill down through the isted armies.  

For the Army a range of sources are quoted the site data seems heavily underpinned by a number of Feskovs works and CFE data.  Information provided includes activation and deactivation dates, base locations and major equipments where available.  Much of this is CFE data so drawn from the back end of the Cold War. The more traditional Orbat,  which units belonged to which divisions covers the whole of the period specified, at least for the Army. The Site scope is broad and  is still a work in progress.

Having tried to translate with google a number of the reference documents some one trying too publish this data in english is a bit of a godsend. It will be interesting to see how the site develops but it is already looking like a bit of a treasure trove.

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  1. Your blog is just amazing, and greatly appreciated.

    1. Glad you like it, I think your models are pretty fab to :)