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Friday, 28 March 2014

Review - Web Resources, Exercise Lionheart Videos on You Tube

Exercise Lionhart took place in September 1984 and saw the deployment of significant elements of 1 BR Corps across Belgium, Holland and Germany. In addition it was also a major reinforcement exercise seeing some 151,000 troops deploy from the UK, as such it was the largest movement of manpower into Europe by the British Army since World War 2.  Additionaly there was significant deployment of troops from Belgium, The US and Germany it involved around 250,000 troops in total by comparison we landed 150,000 on D Day and some 300,00 over the first week.

As such it was fairly newsworthy and a degree of coverage of the event was produced by both the Civilian and Millitary media. Recently a range of videos have been posted on you tube which as well as being of Historical interest from the perspective of this event and the Cold War also provide an interesting viewon the Army of the time. Equally and amusingly they are a window on the fashion and culture of both the broadcasting community and the military.

From a personal perspective it was interesting as I deployed as part of the Umpire Team and a number of friends from the regiment I served in, in the regular army are also featured in one of the videos. In 1984 I was a member of a Exeter UOTC and became a radio operator in a 3 Man team supporting a yeomanry Lt Colonel in a number of umpiring tasks.  As such saw a variety of exercise events that were played out in the Corps rear area mostly focused on Casualty Evacuation, Air, NBC and Soviet Special Forces attacks on the lines of communication and supply units operating in the rear area.

Thanks to Nick Turner and Andy Miles who variously showed me where to find them and pointed out that people I might know were in them, cheers!

Ex LIONHEART 1984 You Tube Videos: Great bit of History


  1. Ha! Fun coincidence, I had just been watching these videos earlier this week. :-)

  2. Great posting...and flash back for all of us cold warriors! I'm going see what I can find on Team Spirit of the same year....)