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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cold Wargammer Hobby News - Autumn 2013

Well if the Summer was hot on the release front the Autumn has been bubbling along nicely as well,  a large amount of Cold War goodness has flowed out from a lot of the usual subjects.  Its been a great 3 months for the blog as well, thanks for all the support, we went through 150,000 hits and cracked the 10,000 hits in a month ceiling, so without further adoo on with the show.



Matt has had a busy few months at Elhiem Figures with a number of excellent Ultra Modern and WW2 releases but the pack that got me going are these babies:

Cold War Soviet Weapons, these look like a great addition to Matts Soviet Cold War Range and really start to round it out providing a SA7/14 operator, RPG-26 and Dragunov sniper rifle, depending on the detail of the soviet organisation you are creating and the time fram of your orbat will depend on how many you need, suffice to say for the late 80s units you need a lot.  Not yet up on his web site but hopefully not too long to wait now.

Black Dog

Israeli Tank Crew, nice addition to the black dog range and useful for those of you interested in AIW not sure if these hit the time zone for cold war, as I am no a massive expert on what the well dressed israleli tank crew should be waring.



Shaun at S&S continues to produce at a ridiculous rate when you think over the last few months he has brought out these and a fair number of additions to the WW2 Range as well as a new range of figures for modern Africa.

The BV 206 is great for NATO's Northern Flank with the Royal Marines or AMF(L) battalions, his 1.2 ton land rover is also useful in this context, although potentially a mite chilly for the Northern flank for the cabriolet version

The M42 looks like a really excellent model from the photos on Shauns site works for early cold war Germans and right through to the end of the period on the Southern flank with the Greeks and the Turks.

The HS30 is a very unusual wagon, useful for early cold war germans (in the days before M113 and Marder) Produced under licence by Hanomag and Henschel and known in german service as the Schutzenpanzer SPZ 12-3, command, artillery op TOW, Milan and Morter Carrier versions were developed.  Produced from 1958 -1962, started being replaced by Marder from 1970 although the Germans still had some 758 in service in 1973.  Only used by Germany

Shaun's last offer of the autumn period is this very tidy Gamma Goat, useful for US Airborne

on top of all that Shaun has finally got with the information age and set S&S up with a web shop superb

Hobbey Den

Brian at the Hobbey Den knocked out this very nifty and much needed BTR 40 which fills a bit of a gap in the market the only other one to my knowledge being by Liberation

He has also knocked up this rather handy trench

However the big news is that Mat 'O' War is back which is truly brilliant news, fantastic wargaming mat I have had two for over 5 years now and they are as good as the day they were bought. Seen in action below during the Waidhaus Gap game this summer.


As ever with ACE good news and bad the good news is a BMD 2, the bad is that the recently re released BMP2 seems to have cleared off the shelves already, which is a pity as having built a few now I can state they were a fantastic improvement on the last version.


Airfix dropped the Harrier GR3, a really good model bit pricy, recently reviewed on the blog by yours truly.  With a picture blow just for good measure.  The review post is here


They announced the Leopard 1 A4 release in the summer but have done that a few times and not delivered but its now in the stores, looks like I'll be able to finish the Canadians after all.


Vallejo seem to have been quite busy with a range of washes and textured paints, have yet to try any myself or come across anyone else who has.



If your an NVA fan or interested in the BTR 50 and its derivatives this might be right up your street, probably a little focused for most of the wargaming community.



on the Web the return of the massively useful M136 web site I'll update the links on the blog at some stage, they also have a face book page, very handy. Now retitled Military Dateabase or more expressively Dimanoeverdatenbank, either way a superb photo reference of exercises in germany since the 70's

CWG on Facebook

and whilst I am on the Web you can still follow us on Facebook, insane ramblings along with products and links to stuff of interest to the Modern Wargaming community, 66 followers currently and keen to make a 100!

The Winter Magazine

Winter is I suppose one of my favourite times of the year, the long nights and Christmas holiday's make for a lot of Hobby time, which is always good news. I have a few interesting projects on the go which should ensure a reasonable degree of content for the winter magazine which should include.
  • The final Instalments of the Waidhause Gap
  • A new scenario Passing the Baton, which pitches 1 Br Corps against 1st German Front from GSFG.
  • Orbat and TTP articles around Northags deployment, and NATO air Land Battle
  • Completion of some long standing British Projects
and as its nearly December, have a good one - not sure what the Soviets did about Christmas


  1. awesome roundup, thanks mate!

    1. always good to know some one finds it useful

  2. I'll definitely be grabbing some of those Israeli crewmen. With a head swap they'll make some fantastic modern Russian tankers me thinks