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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Review - Products East Riding Miniatures, MDF Bases

I have been asked a few times what I use for bases and I must admit to being a little bone idal when it comes to basing, in addition I have an enduring allergy to right angles that means when I cut something its a less than reasonable approximation to 90 degrees. In order to overcome these rather irritating traits I resort to buying pre cut MDF bases which I generally buy from East Riding Miniatures. Four reasons:
  • Good range of base sizes and shapes.
  • Superbly consistant quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Un-erringly good service
Before looking at the products its probably worth mentioning why I base as its a bit of a personal choice, for me
  • Makes the Model looks good
  • Protects the model from rough handling
  • Reduces the amount of grease from fingers getting onto paint jobs
  • Allows for Handling during painting, I always base then paint

on the down side its less hot when the wagons are on roads, and adds an amount of effort into the production process.

All of the products are laser cut from 2mm thick MDF and come in a range of shapes and sizes to either metric or imperial measurements.  Of those available I currently use three
Over the last few years I have evolved my basing to a fairly standard sizing:
  • Sp Weapons and Aircraft. Are based on Circular bases of 40mm or 60mm Diameter, if they dont fit on either of these sizes they go on a CD ROM.

  • Medium Trucks. 40mm x 80mm,  In this category go the larger utility vehicles HMMWVs, 1 Tonne Landrovers, Gaz 66 Trucks and 3 tonne trucks such as the British Bedford or Stalwart.

  • Lt Wheeled AFVs 50mm x 80mm, BRDM2s  

  • heavy Wheeled AFVs and Large Trucks, 50mm x 100mm mostly for 8 wheeler APCs but also the larger Sovite trucks.

  • Lt Tracked AFVs 50mm x 90mm, mostly tracked APCs and IFVs such as BMP, FV 432, Warrior but also including the smaller Soviet Tanks T-55, T-34

  • Medium Tracked AFVs 60mm x 100mm, Cheiftain, T-72 and T-80

  • Heavy Tracked AFVs 60mm x 120mm, used for larger MBTs and Artillery Systems such as Chellenger, M1, 2S6 

  • Minefields 6 inches x 6 inches used for either Scatmin or deliberate minefields

Whilst I base all my figures individually, the slota bases produced by East Riding create an attractive way to squad base. The bases again are Pre cut and drilled for figures based on pennies and offer great flexibility allowing you to scale up from skirmish games.

All up a useful range of products which keep me producing at a far higher rate than if I had to produce my own.


  1. Thanks for the run down on your basing scheme. They should probably use you pictures in their catalog.