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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wargames Unit - Soviet, Combat Helicopter Regiment, Attack Helicopter Squadron

Otdelnyy Boyevoy Vertoletnyy Polk OBVP or Independent Combat Helicopter Regiments were formed to support Soviet Armies from the late 70's and were part of the fronts Air Army.  The Regiments comprised:
  • 2 Attack Helicopter Squadrons of 5 Flights of 4 Mi-24
  • 1 Assault Helicopter Squadron of 5 Flights of 4 Mi-8
As a component of Air Assault operations undertaken by the DShV these units were critical for support, escort and elements of transport, depending on the exact configuration of the Mi-8s.

Having decided to build a Soviet Air Assault force I felt I really need some solid Attack Helicopter support and these squadrons could deploy in there entirety to support operations.  So a full squadron it had to be,  20 Mi 24 @ a ratio of 1-3 would give me 6 aircraft and a difficult problem of representing the flights.  So I decided to represent these boys at 1:4 with 1 Aircraft per flight, flights were capable of independent operation or as part of Squadron or indeed Regimental plans.

Building this sort of force presents a few interesting problems if your to avoid breaking the bank or the models every time you use them. Ebay was the primary approach to the first problem and as such I have a bit of a range of marks and models in the Squadron.  Breaking down to 1 Airfix, 1 Matchbox, 1 2 Italeri and 1 Zedveda all built as D/E variant Hinds.  Whilst some have Sagger rails and others Spiral launch tubes I'll probably use them all as one type in a game.  Of the different manufacturers I prefer the Italeri birds to the others more detail a better build quality and a nicer model.  As can be seen by from the pictures the range of manufacturers does not detract from the unit.

On the second problem, robustness, I decided to drop rotor blades and numerous smaller parts, making transport and handling easier as inevitably because of the way they are based they take a bit of a battering. The other problem the Rotors give you is the relationship of there physical size to the ground scale.  which means the aircraft which are otherwise fairly big beasts start to eat up a lot of real estate, more of a problem with the transports than the attack aircraft.

Without an airbrush painting also becomes a bit of a burden when building large numbers of aircraft, as does getting the markings right, particularly when you have three different manufacturers.  I managed to crack that withs some decal purchasing, more of which in the construction post.

can't wait to get them into action.


FM 100-2-1 Soviet Army Operations and Tactics
FM 100-2-3 Soviet Troops Organisation and Equipment
Soviet Tactical Aviation - Yefim Gordon & Dmitriy Kamissorov

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  1. Andy, your work is as always an inspiration, though I fear when it comes to beginning my own collection of Hinds, I will be going diecast as I haven't the skill to replicate your results.

  2. Sexy beasts! I have some diecast 1:60 Hinds for 25mm work and a few 1:144 for my 15mm stuff. Game in just one scale? Gee whiz, there's an idea!

  3. Nice paint Job, love the Mi-24, it makes Western Attack Helicopters look weak and pathetic, which is pretty impressive when you consider the AH-64 is no push over.

  4. Outstanding Sir. I regularly flip flop between 15mm, 20mm and 12mm, but you have inspired me to swing back to 20mm madness!

    Theres a MI24 Osprey coming out soon BTW...

  5. THE HIND IS MY FAVOURITE! and my favourite shot is from the movie blood Dimond (? may have got the wrong movie there ?), a black Hind with extra weapons and a mini-gun in the door.... as if the Hind needed anything else.

  6. Hi, just wanted to compliment you on the blog, and the research you do. I will have a very good time reading the various posts.