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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Terrain - Modern Farm Buildings

As part of the terrain building effort for Wissenberg I wanted to create some farm buildings with a modern flavour to add some 1980s context to the battlefield.  I have been looking at this project for some time and had settled on a couple of styles of modern barn using pressed metal components the inspiration came from these images of Barns and Cowsheds.

The build process was similar to the supermarket, create a base out of hardboard, create a sketch and dimension everything then create the basic structure from foam core before building the facards on to card before mounting on the structure.  

As with previous builds a variety of card stock items and pre molded plastic sheet were used, this included the coregated clading and the breeze blocks.

You do need to think a bit with this stuff especially around pattern matching with roofing material, or you can end up with some interesting effects as I did on at least one of my buildings.  Most roofs will need you to make some form of ridge tile to cover the gap and I have used both paper and plasticard successfully for this.  

The other top tip from this build was that foam core Stanley knifes and wine don't mix well as i narrowly missed taking the top off my thumb when I left it the wrong side of the steel ruler that I was enthusiastically running the Stanley knife down.

The buildings were painted using a mix of Vajello colours and liquid Poster Paints and the effects were achieved through the application of washing and dry brushing as ever the intent was to avoid uniform colourings and make the building look used and abused. 

The first building was an open Barn built from breeze blocks asbestos and tin cladding sheets on a metal frame work.  The Metal framework was constructed from plastic strip and the rest from preformed plastic sheet.

The second was a metal framed Modern Cow Shed, built from preformed concrete blocks and aluminium cladding, with large sheet metal gates. The sheet metal gates on the front were constructed from plasticard and plastic strip.  The concrete slabs were scored cardboard covered in diluted wall filler, the remainder being constructed from preformed plastic sheet.

The last of the buildings was a more traditional structure, inspired by the first picture in the post in this case it was built entirely out of the moulded plastic sheet with no foam core structure.  I have a mind to make a few more farm outbuildings as they are really very useful and worked well in conjunction with the Byzantium farm house.

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  1. nice terrain you have there :-) very useful for modern games and some of the terrain can be pretty generic

  2. A fine terrain group for the modern wargames table. Not only does it look good, it is flexible. Excellent!

  3. Nice terrain, they are very professional looking.

  4. Thanks for the comments, might do a few more farm buildings when I have time