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Friday, 2 November 2012

Terrain - Byzantium 20mm, German Buildings

A couple of years ago I bought a number of Byzantium Models excellent German buildings which are suitable for either the second world war or modern periods and provide a range of homes and farms found in small villages and isolated settlements throughout Germany.

The buildings are all resin and came in excellent condition, requiring little clean up.  They have done that very clever thing of varying the vertical and the horizontal scales to keep the building footprint down while maintaining proportion and looking good next to figures and vehicles.  As well as the main buildings you can also buy a number of small extensions which fit onto any of the models these along with the metal chimneys allow a variety of buildings to be created from the core models

In preparation for the Wissenberg Counter Attack game I had a bit of a blitz on terrain making and decided to get on with the building of these. I settled on three standard base sizes for all my buildings 1 large and two varieties of small, these all went on the small apart from the farm buildings.

Bases were cut from MDF and tidied up with a sander, before the buildings were glued in place. I then added walls gardens and the extensions as well as filler around the base of the building to ensure it sat "in the ground".

 My interpretations of BMG 1+ 2 the farm house and German barn with the addition of a hedge and a wall for the farm house along with room for a couple of trees when complete.

I had two BGM 6 buildings so added an outhouse to one and mounted them both on the larger of the base sizes used adding walls and sand, whilst masking off an area to represent paving, as all urban spaces need plenty of grey.  Walls are made from Foam core covered in filler.

I had two BGM 4 but swapped the roof of one with the BGM3 roof and put different styles of outhouses in different locations and mounted the buildings different ways round on the bases, before adding walls and garden.

The BGM 3 Unit I built straight from the box but had swapped the roof.  All up no two buildings looked the same and with the liberal use of some filler around the outhouse construction and base they all looked excellent and ready for the hard bit - painting

The buildings were painted with a mix of poster colours and vajjelo. avoiding flat white like the plauge and using washes to create a variety of shades of the core coloures. various basing products were then used to finish them off.


Byzantium Models German Buildings

Terrain - Modern Farm Buildings
Terrain - Modern Supermarket
Terrain - Making It Modern


  1. Really like what you've done with those.

    Brings them up a level.

  2. Looking good.

    Am I right in thinking these are solid castings, i.e. the roofs don't come off

    1. No they are hollow and the roofs come off, I'll see if I can find some pics

  3. Now that makes them much more attractive. Some would suit our planned Cold War Gets Hot in Denmark project - thanks Andy.