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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Web Resources - Fire and Fury, Cold War Orbats & Modern Resources

Fire and Furry is a games website covering 2 Rules Systems, Fire and Furry and Battlefront World War 2.  What makes the site a phenominal resource is the ammount of suplimental material produced for the Battlefront set in the Modern Period this includes:
The Orbats are what first attracted my eye they have a very consistent structure and style and are visually appealing which makes them easy to use.  The Orbats are relativly easy to work back to the real world organisations or translate to other approaches to unit representations. Clearly there are generalisations applied for the rule set in question but this can be refined by following up with your own research or through purchasing lists from other sources such as MicroMark @ Wargames Vault.

For the Cold War gammer they cover all the main central front players extensively with some excellent research sitting behind the products.  In addition a significant number of the surrogate wars are covered including the Ogeden, The South African Bush War, Granada, the Falklands and the Arab Israeli Wars. I have used these on Numerous occasions but keep forgetting they are there.  It is the very best of start points for working out Orbats for the Cold War Period and the lists are revised and updated as new information comes to light. Just what the internet was made for really, sharing :)

Cold War Orbats covered include:

Warsaw Pact - Soviet, East German, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Romanian
NATO - British, US, West German, Canadian, Belgian, Netherlands, Danish, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French

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