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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Wargames Unit - Soviet Divisional Anti Tank Battalion

The composition of this battalion was one of the first posts I made on this blog and has received the most hits. I finished the unit at the start of this month in preparation for a game here we see one of the Sprut batteries about to come into action against a force of German Leopard 2s.

The Battalion is made up of three batteries and an HQ, 2 Batteries of 2A45 Spruts towed by MTLB and 1 Battery of BRDM 2 with AT5.  The HQ and the GW Battery command post field OPs with PSNR Radars and laser rangefinders. Justifying the Spruts is a little fun but they certainly look cool.

The MTLBs are by S&S, The Spruts are by Military wheels, crewed by converted Elhiem cold war  Soviets and the BTR 60 is by liberation. The OPs are scratch built on 40mm bases.

The GW battery uses S&S BRDM 2s although the AT5 carrying wagons have scratch built site units for the missile controller. 

The Divisional Anti Tank Battalion is the primary anti tank reserve of the MRD, Insane Tank action is what its for.  The counter attack by Leopard 2A4s of 123 and 124 Pz Battalion of 12 Pz Brigade into the flank of 18 Guards MRD at Wissenberg.



  1. Seriously impressive setup, Andy!

  2. ah the dreaded guns. that was a monst interesting game. those big guns look very cool.

  3. Far out: a neat looking Anti-Tank battalion indeed. I'd be interested in seeing more of them in action against German armour...

    1. Thanks for the comments, more to come on the game over the next few months

  4. Exquisite OPs Andy. The variety of foliage, ground cover and netting gives a brilliant effect. I love the menacing 2A45s too. Enough to make an old armoured infantryman want to dismount and dig a big hole for himself to hide in! Aye, Rusty

  5. damn Superb Andy!

    love the OP, and the guns the most!