Welcome to Cold War Gamer, a blog I am using to record my Cold War wargaming projects. These range from fictitious Cold War hot projects to historical conflicts that took place around the globe throughout the Cold War era, all modelled and gamed in 20mm. The blog includes links to various resources useful to the Cold War Gamer.

My current projects include: Central Front; British & Soviet. South African Border War; Angolans and South Africans. Soviet Afghan War; Soviets and Afghans

Wargames Units

These pages provide an overview of and a set of links to the principal resources of the blog.  These resources can also be accessed from the tag menu but that will provide a less structured view of the available information on the blog.  Where there is no link to the item it is still a work in progress and will be posted at some time in the future.

Wargames Units

The Wargames Units posts cover the pictures of the various war-games units that I have built for the cold War period.  As well as images of the models and figures, the posts show how that unit is represented and discuss the models and figures used as well as referencing the relevant modelling and Orbat posts which provide further detail.

Currently the Soviet Army and British Army are well covered, as those forces are relatively complete in my collection.  I hope at some stage in the future to cover collections of models from others but have yet to really get around to organising my self to go and take the pictures.

Soviet Army.

I have been building this Army since 2010 when I participated in the Guilds first Big Game, since then I have played a large Cold War game annually and added to it annually. Its big,  the original aim was to produce a BMP equipped Motor Rifle regiment for the 1980 - 1985 period, currently I am trying to build enough to equip, a Forward detachment based on a reinforced MRB, an Air Assault Battalion and  a 1st echelon Motor Rifle Regiment, together with the associated divisional assets that will enable me to play out at some stage in the future a Soviet Assault River crossing.  Which will be the theme for Big Game 20xx.

British Army

I have had an intention to build a British Army Battle Group for a long long time, I started this project after the Guild held a group build in memory of William Atkinson, a war gaming buddy of mine and Guild member.  As he was a worcester man I built 1WFR from the mid 80's.  The intention with this project is to be able to field a range of Battle Group types from across the period using the same figures.  These will include, Mechanised Tracked and Wheeled, Armoured, Armoured Infantry, Airmobile and Light.  So Far I have not quite finished the Mechanised Tracked, with BHQ, Engineers and Aviation support still to complete.

Canadian Army

I started this after reading first clash, I have built 1 test model, but have purchased most of the models and figures, when I take a break from the Soviets sometime in the next couple of months I'll start working this project next.

German Army

I don't have a German Army but a few of my gaming buddies do notably the Guilds Mausman and Panzerfaust 200, I have for the last 3 years played a major game against these forces and this has lead to the development of an amount of organisational information and research about the German army. So far focused on 4 Panzer Grenadier Division part of the German 11 Corps that fought in the CENTAG region.  These then are war-games units derived from the collections of Panzerfaust 200 and Mausmann that have been created for the games.

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