Welcome to Cold War Gamer, a blog I am using to record my Cold War wargaming projects. These range from fictitious Cold War hot projects to historical conflicts that took place around the globe throughout the Cold War era, all modelled and gamed in 20mm. The blog includes links to various resources useful to the Cold War Gamer.

My current projects include: Central Front; British & Soviet. South African Border War; Angolans and South Africans. Soviet Afghan War; Soviets and Afghans


These pages provide an overview of and a set of links to the principal resources of the blog.  These resources can also be accessed from the tag menu but that will provide a less structured view of the available information on the blog.  Where there is no link to the item it is still a work in progress and will be posted at some time in the future.


The Review posts do pretty much what they say on the tin they review models, products, books and web resources.  The modelling reviews also provide links to other reviews and resources on the subject along with any associated posts in some of the other categories.


The modelling reviews generally provide an overview of the equipment, comment on quality and alternative models before looking at issues of construction and related products such as decals

A Models

Review - Models, A Models 1/72 Mi 6 Hook

ACE Models

Review - Models 1/72, ACE T-72B
Review - Models 1/72, ACE BMP 2
Review - Models 1/72, ACE BMP 2 Re Release



Review - Model 1/72, Brittania FV 4201 Cheiftain
Review - Model 1/72, Brittania FV432

BW Models


Hobby Den

Review - Model 1/72, Hobby Den MTLB


KP Models

Review - Model 1/72, Military Wheels 2a45 Sprut Anti Tank Gun 
Review - Model 1/72, Military Wheels 2S6 Tunguska



Review - Model 1/72, Revell FV 4030 Challenger 1
Review - Model 1/72, Revell Mi 26 Halo

S&S Models

Review - Model, S&S 1/72 2S3 Akatsiya
Review - Model 1/72, S&S GSP Ferry
Review - Model 1/72, S&S FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor (CET)
Review - Model 1/72, S&S FV 433 Abbot 
Review - Model 1/72, S&S MT-55 Bridgelayer
Review - Model 1/72, S&S BRDM2 AT-5
Review - Model 1/72, S&S 2S1
Review - Model 1/72, S&S Gaz 66
Review - Model 1/72, S&S FV620 Stalwart
Review - Model 1/72, S&S FV103 CVR(T) Spartan
Review - Model 1/72, S&S Kraz Truck


Review Model 1/72, Trumpeter M113 A2, M150 Conversion


Review - Model 1/72, Mi-24 Hind, Italeri, Zveda, Matchbox, Airfix


Review - Figures 20mm, Elhiem Cold War British
Review - Figures 20mm, Elhiem Cold War Soviets in NBC
Elhiem Figures Cold War NATO Range


Review- Book, AFM Volume 2, Part 2, A Treatise on Soviet Operational Art, 1991
Review- Book, Rapid Fire Able Archer Rule Set
Review- Book, Today's Army Air Corps, P Beaver, 1987
Review-Book, The Race to The Swift, R Simpkin, 1985
Review-Book, Soviet/Russian Armour and Artillery Design Practices
Review-Book, Modern African Wars (3) South West Africa
Review-Book, Red God of War, Soviet Artillery and Rocket Forces
Review-Book, Iron Division, The History of the 3rd Division 1809-1989
Review-Book, Jane's Armour and Artillery 2002/2003
Review-Book, Rats Tales and Royal Scots in The Gulf
Review-Books, Warpaint, Colours and Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003, Volumes 1-4
Review-Book, Air Battle Central Europe, Alfred Price
Review- Book, Confrontation, The Strategic Geography of NATO and the Warsaw Pact
Review - Book, Mil Mi 8/Mi - 17 Rotary Wing Work Horse and War Horse
Review - Book, A History of Soviet Airborne Forces 
Review - Book, Soviet Tactical Aviation
Review - Book, Armies of NATO's Central Front
Review - Book, Red Thrust, Attack on the Central Front: Soviet Tactics and Capabilities in The 1990s
Review - Book, The Soviet Afghan War, How a Super Power Fought and Lost
Review - Book, Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army
Review - Book, Soviet Air Land Battle Tactics, WP Baxter
Review - Book, The Military Balance
Review - Book, Encyclopedia of the Modern British Army
Review - Book, The Soviet Conduct of Tactical Manoeuvre
Review - Book, First Clash, K Macksey
Review - Book, The Third World War, General J Hackett
Review - Book, The British Army in Germany, an Organisational History 1947 - 2004

Web Resources

Review - Web Resources, SSVC on You Tube 
Review - Web Resources, Soviet 16th Air Army
Review - Web Resources, Fire and Furry Cold War Orbats and Modern Resources
Review - Web Resources, M136 Exercise Picture Archive
Review - Web Resources, Armoured Acorn Web Site
Review - Web Resources, War for Slow Readers
Review - Web Resources, CIA FOIA Site
Review - Web Resources Airpower Australia
Review - Web Resources, DTIC on Line


Review - Product, East Riding MDF Bases
Review - Product, Coresec Flight Stands

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