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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review - Web Resources, SSVC on You Tube

SSVC were the organisation that used to make and probably still do make the bulk of the Services information and training films.  A number of their titles from the early 80s have been placed on You Tube by a variety of people and are worth watching if your interested in gaming British in the Cold War period.  They provide some insight into what the British Army got up to but are also an excellent source of detail on what it looked like and there is excellent footage in a number of the videos of SLR equiped Infantry and exercise stowed FV432s chieftains M109s and Abbots.   Todate I have only looked at one or too but they are worth a look.

Thanks to Nick Dives from the Guild for finding this little collection and passing it on.

Other videos include:
  • Fighting in Woods
  • Individual Field Craft
  • Section Fire and Manouver
  • It Could be You
  • Recce Patrol
  • Fighting Patrol
If you served in the Army from the late 70s through to the early 80s I'm sure they will bring back some memories, for those of you that didn't they represent a bunch of videos of historical interest illustrating as they do the look of personal and equipment as well as some great examples of early 80s voice procedure when Pronto, Shelldrake and Sunray were all still chatting away before the arrival of the more modern call sign system, clansman radios and officers with regional accents.

Cold War British Army Training Videos @ You Tube


  1. Gosh I rememeber a slew of these on a wet Drill Night at the TA Centre back in the day.

  2. Always the Gentleman Officer....Cracks me up. Great find, raiding the SSVC archives for Cold War stuff for my blog too. How did you embed the movie btw?

    1. when your writing a post in blogger next to the Picture embedding button is a button with a clapper board on it if you press that it brings up an interface box that allows you to either upload video or embed URLs to videos