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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Review - Web Resources, DTIC Online

DTIC is the US militaries Defence Technical Information Centre and they host a large online repository of Military information covering Science, Equipment Organisation and Doctrine.  The repository rolls back to the cold war and includes much of what was published by the Soviet Army Studies Office, now the Foreign Military Studies Office.

A search using Soviet Army Studies Office as the criteria will yield a raft of useful information about the cold war and immediate post cold war period on the Soviet Military.  Some of these are articles published in US military publications of the time others are reports.

Useful Titles include:

The Soviet Combined Arms Battalion - Reorganisation for Tactical Flexibility, This includes a discussion on the evolution of the Motor Rifle Battalion from 1949 - 1989 and an analysis of 500 post war exercises conducted by the Soviet Army and published in either there military or Press to determine likely task organisations by the Soviets.  The article then goes on to conceptualise the evolution of the Combined Arms Battalion.

Soviet Battalion in Defence, which talks at some level of detail on the organisation of the soviet battalion in defence including the use and application of fires, engineer, reconnaissance assets and the preparation for and conduct of the defensive battle.

All these articles represent contemporary intelligence analysis and as such will inevitably be inaccurate.  Having said that the level of analysis is more than I'm personally going to have a go at, and represent a solid alternative to learning Russian and as I am rapidly discovering trying to piece together change that you physically experienced 20 years ago can be difficult to re create with any degree of accuracy.

Other useful search terms include:

The Journal of Slavic Military Studies
Combat Studies Institute

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